I am not going to lie. Several thoughts are going through my brain at the moment.

First, I think I have lost my loyal blog readers entirely and should just quit blogging altogether. I’m down to two or three hits a day and at least one of them is me. I stop by. I look around, check the sitemeter and then I think “meh!”

Second, if you write a blog and no one reads it – is it still a blog?

Third: I think I am the worst teacher ever. Do you know how much training you get before they send you out to fall flat on your face in front of a room full of upper level students? ZERO. The first week of school was awful in one class and ~shrug~ I guess okay in the other. One class I think will go just fine. The other really bothers me. It should be easy but I mistakenly thought I could get some dialog going that just didn’t happen last week. I allowed too much time for too little work. This week will be different. I’ve got tomorrow planned to be busy and a movie to take up the whole lecture period on Thursday. It’s a pretty decent movie that a professor played in my graduate level marketing class. I plan to make it an ethics discussion and since we won’t have time after the movie, I’ll do it on the discussion board in D2L (like Blackboard if you have that). Wish me luck. This is a tough crowd.

Last, it would appear that all of that bullshit from people about wanting us back here was just that. Do you know how many social invitations we’ve received in the last two months? It is less than one. And none of those we’ve issued have been accepted. Silly us! We thought a game night would be fun. We invited ten groups, two showed up. I am so sick of sitting home alone every damn weekend that I could just scream. Why don’t people like me? Anyone know?

I’ll blog more if you peeps comment more. Deal? I miss you. Maybe I’ll even resurrect the SOB of the week. This week Mike Vick has my vote, but I’m sure I could fill the pipeline if I try.


~ by sharplisa on September 10, 2007.

6 Responses to “Alienated…”

  1. hey–we’ve done stuff with you! I would have done more, but you know what’s been going on here. Life as I knew it has changed forever.

    Give the teaching a chance. Great teachers don’t happen over night. They make mistakes and learn from them. And they aren’t afraid to try new things.

  2. Lesson planning is key – and hard to do untilyou have a feel for they type of group it’s gonna be. Keep plugging along, and I’m sure things will improve.

    If you blog and no one reads is it a blog? How about if you don’t blog and no one reads? Heh. I don’t drop by till bloglines tells me to…Welcome back! Did you get the books?

  3. JP – you’re special. I’ve actually seen you more this summer than people who live a couple of blocks away!! Even our famdamilies! Ahhh fuck it. I love you JP and that’s all I need 🙂

    Yes, Tal. I got a box. It appeared to have books in it but they’ve now disappeared. I believe they are in the Queen’s room – possibly her room at Uni.

  4. Hey Lisa, even in hiding I was a faithful reader. I love to read what you write, even if I don’t comment.

    You are not the worst teacher ever. You know your material. That puts you well ahead of the worst teacher ever. (I would know, I’ve had him.) It won’t happen the first class, but you will get comfortable and you will get good and they WILL listen. All in time.

    I don’t know about the social thing. I rather like being by myself at night 😉 But maybe you could look somewhere else? They aren’t worth your time if they’re being that rude.

    Keep your head up!!

  5. Bah. Bryan and I are having similar problems getting couple friends. I think once one gets home from work, one does not want to leave again and weekends are just too busy!

    If we lived closer, we’d totally hang out. 😉

    I keep forgetting to check your blog from Cubies. 😦

  6. Oh Gil! We’d probably hang, but your pet couch lizard creeps me out a little;) Can he make a martini?

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