It’s the most wonderful time…

of the year. The time when you attempt to dress your darlings in the morning only to discover that nothing fits them! Pesky season changes…

In our house, we’ve got a couple of boys that live in shorts and sandals (well, they did live in sandals until they got to daycare and had to ~whine~ wear shoes and socks because of the wood chips on the playground) every day from the first day it’s warm enough to do so until, evidently, the last day they should be doing it in the fall. The day before yesterday would have been the last day. The weather here now is just wonderful. The mornings are crisp. The colors are starting to turn and the Khan has nothing to wear.

Shopping for His Excellency is no small task. When Bratticus and Ogre were younger, they were pretty simple. Occasionally, we’d have issues but until Ogre hit the point where his legs were long and his waist was skinny, it wasn’t too bad. At the 30 x 36 pants size stage, I switched to ordering them from a catalog and we still had no problems. Trust me. Ordering his pants from the JC Penney catalog during the middle and high school years saved his life. I love him, but I do not love shopping with him. The Khan is a different story. Well, maybe not such a different story because I don’t like shopping with him either. PITA doesn’t cover it.

Some of my loyal readers (all 4 or 5 of you 😉 ) are parents and know this but for those of you that are not parents, I’ll explain. Every year when children get their annual well-child exams, their height and weight are plotted on a chart to see how they compare with other children their size. The Senator is at the 15th percentile. He’ll be ten but his pants are a size seven slim – for a point of reference. He doesn’t like being smaller than most kids, but we can still usually manage to shop for him.

The Khan is a different tale. He’s at the 5th percentile. This means that 95% of children his age are larger than he is. The pants he’s outgrown are size 12 months (maybe 18?) and he will be five years old in January. He’s a skinny little fellow. The primary problem is that clothing made in these infant and toddler sizes usually allow room for a diaper because, well, one and two year old children tend to wear a diaper. The Khan is four. He doesn’t. The net result is that if the pants are long enough (long being relative) they are HUGE in the waist. He doesn’t have a chubby little baby belly (never did, actually) and he doesn’t wear a diaper. If they fit his waist, the pants will likely be at least an inch too short. UGH. And he has zero pants that fit him. It’s do or die today folks. I must find pants for his majesty and I must find them today.

Did I mention that I hate shopping? My own wardrobe would send Natalia into fits. Every day: knit shirt, khaki pants and one of two primary pairs of shoes. I’m going to try to branch out and buy a couple of cute jackets today. Wish me luck.


~ by sharplisa on September 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “It’s the most wonderful time…”

  1. Well you succeeded in making me laugh right out loud there. I have to tell you though, that as much as I like to wear pretty clothes, I hate shopping for pants. Probably not as much as you do though! Good luck on the hunt Lisa. Too bad tailoring is so expensive…

  2. Haha, that was a good post Lisa. Good luck with clothes shopping! -Ian

  3. I just found your blog today and I love it. I know what you mean about finding clothes to fit skinny, long legged little kiddos. I have 2 little girls that never seem to fit in anything. I use tons of safety pins to take in the waist of their pants and skirts. My 2 older kids always fit into their clothing. I also agree about buying new clothing…I am not much of a shopper either.

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