Pass me a martini…

I have a migraine. HRH arrived home safely (feeling like garbage for putting me through this I might add) about noon today. Just after the officer left with a description of her and her vehicle.

Ugh. She has been awarded the prize for biggest fuck-up by a Sharp kid EVER. But she is home safe and that makes me happy.


~ by sharplisa on September 23, 2007.

4 Responses to “Pass me a martini…”

  1. Oh, jeez. Glad she made it home. -Ian

  2. OMG–I would have freaked! My mom would have literally KILLED ME!! The night I meet Ted I was 26 years old and didn’t get home until 8 am–Dad was getting ready to go look for me. Once you have children you always ALWAYS worry until the day your heart stops beating. Tell HRH that I have seen enough at work that mom is right–always report in. It isn’t worth the risk, just to prove you are “old enough”. Besides the natural disasters–the creeps out there don’t care how old she is.

  3. Lord, I was beginning to worry too. You’ll have to tell us how she managed to surpass Shrek in screwing up…I’ll bet it’s quite the story.

    Glad everything’s okay!

  4. Shrek was not the previous title-holder. And, regretfully, the previous title-holder has regained his position.

    More manana.

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