In case you get confused…

I have made Keyboard Therapy a “Permissions Only” blog. It’s getting real personal for the next little while and, while I need to write it down and work it out, I don’t feel like flinging all that poo into the blogosphere for the world to see. If you’re a loyal reader and would like permission, I think you can request it by trying to enter the site and following instructions. But let this serve as fair warning: you might see a side of me you didn’t really want to.

Peace out.


~ by sharplisa on September 29, 2007.

7 Responses to “In case you get confused…”

  1. It says permission denied and that you have to change it.

  2. Sorry DC. I made it public, but once you read it I think you’ll understand 😉

  3. But I really would like to make it permissions only. Can I get your e-mail if you want to have permission?

  4. Yeah, it’s

  5. You know mine: twink_er_bell at

    I’ll like you no matter what.

  6. It won’t take me now. It’s

  7. Me, too.

    How can I be a loyal reader if I don’t follow you to the dark side?

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