It’s Fun for the Whole Family!

The family and I just finished a couple rounds of this game and it is an absolute blast!

Buzz! The Mega Quiz hits on another of my true talents. I’ll bet you had no idea that I am a gold mine of useless knowledge, but it is true. And this game, with it’s cool five button controller featuring a Big RED Buzzer on the top and four color coded answer keys really gets me going. It feels like you’re on a real game show. It appears it may be possible to use the Eye Toy with this game and put your own face in, but I just got the game today so I’ve really no idea. You didn’t know I was a video game nerd did you? Well, I’m not, but there are games I really like Gauntlet: Dark Legacy and oldskool Legend of Zelda because they’re so cool – like me!

It’s a four player game with a USB hookup so you don’t need a multi-tap. It is expandable to 8 players making the party possibilities endless. Imagine me beating my children AND my husband at this game!

The game is not complicated to learn. The rules of each phase are clearly explained and you can skip them if you don’t need to hear them.

The categories are varied and interesting: Science, Sports, Entertainment, Music, etc. and a great Geography category that shows you where the country your question will be about is located. I love the hidden map lesson included here.

It appeals to a wide audience. The players tonight ranged from 9 to 43 and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely.

The price! For a new-release game with the controllers, this bundle comes to market at $39.99 at your local TrUs. A bargain!

The biggest complaint I have is the music. The music categories ask you questions about songs that you can’t decipher because they are muzak versions. They’re hard to figure out most of the time and that’s frustrating. It would enhance the game greatly if they’d gotten permission to use the real songs. Yes, I would pay more for the game if it had this feature. (Oh if only Sony’s product development team read my blog!)

It would be nice to be able to undo errors before submitting your answers when you’re asked to rank things. But I can understand why that’s not allowed.

All in all… Buzz the Mega Quiz! Is a fun way for the family to spend an hour after dinner and before bed on these cold midwest autumn nights. I give it 4.5 of 5 Stars. I am really loving how PlayStation is making a run at Nintendo Wii’s interactive aspects with games like Dance Dance Revolution, the guitar hero series and Eye Toy. Eye Toy, may I say, ROCKS as much as this game in so many ways. Maybe I’ll review that later.


~ by sharplisa on November 2, 2007.

One Response to “It’s Fun for the Whole Family!”

  1. Heh. I just had an Ugly Betty flash a la Henry. “It’s just something I know..” Love it.

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