Guess what???

My washer is fixed! I had a local place order the right part – the one Sears didn’t bring – last Friday. It arrived today. Sarge fixed it in five minutes. Catching up on the laundry may take years.

Now my car is broken. Specifically, the spedometer. Shit.


~ by sharplisa on November 6, 2007.

4 Responses to “Hey!”

  1. Yay!!!

    Also, why does one need a spedometre? Really?

  2. Seriously. Now you have an excuse. “No officer, I really didn’t know I was going 100 mph…”

  3. November is not going well, is it?

    The only Maytag appliance I’ve ever had was a refrigerator in a house I was renting. It was a cool fridge design — a normal looking fridge with a freezer on top instead of side-by-side, but with a thru-door dispenser for water and ice. It’s the only fridge I’ve ever seen designed like that. I MUST have thru-door dispenser, but I really hate the side-by-side design. Sigh.

    We had to have the Maytag repairman out SIX TIMES for that fridge — because however cool it looked, it really was a crappy design.

    😦 My thru door ice dispenser on my current fridge hasn’t worked for six months…

    I need a new kitchen. And a new bathroom. And a new carpet. And a new back lanai (porch deck). And a new car…….

    And all this before next October, when I’m sorta expecting guests. 🙂

  4. Ok, time to bill the Maytag repairman–and/or company!

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