Well, I AM a Woman of Many Talents!

And I do surely wish web design was one of them because it would greatly enhance my marketability as a freelancer which would certainly grow my income and utilize a great deal more of my earning capacity now wouldn’t it?

However, this work is not my own. I was pretty bored with the old layouts so I prayed to the Web Gods for their guidance with blogger templates. Searched around a bit and found this. Then, you download the template of your choosing to your desktop. If you use new Blogger like I do, then you can go into your dashboard under the template setting and select the HTML tab. Upload the file and you’re well on your way. This file will be an xml or css file, by the way. Then you can do the tweaking to get the blog to your liking. Isn’t that simple? I look forward to seeing my two most loyal readers’ new layouts very soon!

By the way, you’ll want to bookmark your Blogger Dashboard page. You’ll thank me later. Once I updated the layout all the Google stuff at the top was gone. It was easier to bookmark the dashboard than try to get it back.

My talents are focused on finding value and adding value. Always on the lookout for a better way, I strive to improve systems, processes and relationships. I guess I need to start blogging on my other website too. Damn. I really would like to build a consulting practice.

Oh and don’t forget to start your Amazon shopping here. If I can generate any revenue through that site, it goes toward another adoption. Thanks!


~ by sharplisa on January 11, 2008.

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