I probably should apologize…

But I’m not going to. I’ve been busy! But I have been checking the sitemeter and it appears while I have met a blogging goal milestone, I have also lost a couple loyal readers. My average visits per day is down to six from nine. It’s disappointing to say the least.

The milestone? You ask. Well, I’m very proud to say that for whatever reason, this post came up in someone’s “my mom is f*cking my friend” pron search. Woo hoo! The oddness of the internet never ceases to amaze me. But with those search results I do feel like I have arrived as a blogger. Go. Me.

In other news, we survived the big FIVE! I’m FIVE Now! and the Big 1-0 this past weekend (Friday and Saturday to be precise) including a party for several of their friends. Here’s a tip: because jackasses people are so bad about the RSVP, wait until people show up and you have a truly accurate headcount and order pizza. The five dollar ones from Pizza Hut are both cheap and tasty. SUCCESS!

Now, how do I bring my readers back? I’ll work on getting back to a regular posting schedule. Honest! Now, I’m back to freezing my ass off. It’s zero degrees here and windy as hell. Did I mention before how much I hate winter?


~ by sharplisa on January 29, 2008.

8 Responses to “I probably should apologize…”

  1. Don’t know what it’s worth, but I don’t visit the site until site metre tells me to – maybe it’s just that you have the same anount of readers, but now they’re more efficient?

  2. Well, there’s that, but you’re the only one I can tell uses bloglines. 😦

  3. Embarrassing question, I think – what are/is bloglines?

  4. I think, Ian, it’s some annoying subscriber-type thing my mom and Natalya use.

  5. I think I will get this Bloglines business. I looked at the site meter for this page today and I am slightly embarrassed at how much time I spend sitting at the computer checking the same page over and over.

  6. FYI–I hate winter too! I’m really sick of driving on the slippy, nasty, poorly plowed roads. I’m ready for summer.

  7. It amazes me that no one has asked the obvious question…

    WHO found… never mind. I don’t want to know. I can make a safe guess (safe in that it doesn’t shock me speechless, not safe as in “100% probable”)

    Sorry, ma’am — I am a semi-faithful reader. I try to look here regularly, but I fail. 😦 Sowwy. I love reading your blogs. Even when your topic is boring (to me) the blog is still entertaining.

    So, keep ’em coming. Happily, you don’t depend on this site for some form of income, so my laziness doesn’t make me feel TOO guilty… 😛

  8. Barb, I don’t know WHO I can only see from where the search originated. I believe it was from Oz.

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