Snow Day!

We are almost literally up to our asses in snow. In fact, the dogs and the Khan are up to their asses in snow. And the dogs love it. They’re pretty much the only ones. We got another 6 + inches yesterday and I don’t know what time it finally stopped today. But hey! There is a beautiful bonus from all this snow. The pantheon of winter childhood joy and a welcome respite for us grownups too.

The Snow Day.

I drive an hour each way to work which, this winter especially, means dealing with the weather. And despite record snowfalls this winter, this is my first snow day all season and likely my last because I’m ethical like that. But today was awesome. Despite checking my work e-mail about a dozen times, I did virtually nothing. Sarge had me scared for a minute because he mentioned the dreaded “C” word. Yes. You know the one: C-L-E-A-N-I-N-G. I spelled it because I’m normally not one to utter profanity. Oh shut the fuck up already!

Luckily, after cleaning the bathrooms which are small and took less than 15 minutes, that urge soon passed. The sarge, you see, did not have the proper “Sneetag” mindset since this is just a regular day off for him. UGH. I’m just glad he’s malleable and quickly came around to our way of slacking thinking and soon settled in for the Firefly marathon on sci-fi. Oh, and a nap. A blessed hour nap on the couch. If my sheets wouldn’t have been in the dryer that nap would have been with the Khan or the Sarge and wonderfully amazing. But my couch is good too. Now I’m blogging after spending all day trying to think of how to lighten up the blog after all the bitching political rambling this past week, I just feel like my loyal readers deserved levity. Nothing is lighter than fluffy white snow, right? I am sad to say that I didn’t knit. I didn’t read. I did jack shit except nap. I really love naps. I did tell you that, right?

Want to know my perfect day? At least I think it would be a perfect day if I could ever have one. Here it goes:
1. Some “snuggling” because no one has to get up or we’re awake before the alarm goes off (this never happens).
2. Workout – preferably outside by walking the dogs or taking a really great hike or bike ride.
3. Shower to eliminate the stinky part.
4. Breakfast: Waffles, fresh fruit and tea (coffee would work) or what we call the “Russian Breakfast” – cold cuts, cheese, fresh, crusty bread, fresh fruit and tea. AMAZING
5. I’d go to work. Really. I think workaholic isn’t the right word but when I love my work, I am happy to spend time at it. Ideally, it’d be the owner/manager of a place likelike this. The family is at work with me and we all get it done together. Yes, if I win the lottery achieve my retirement goals, I’ll still keep working. In fact, my retirement fund would enable me to purchase a place exactly like that and that is what I would do.
6. Playtime. After work, some time with the kids, dogs, hubby… doing whatever. A board game or a movie maybe.
7. Dinner. Healthy, laden with fresh food and eaten at the dining room table.
8. More fun time. If we had the lodge, probably a sauna or dip in the hot tub or lake.
9. Reading time – to the boys, for myself, all of the above.
10. If Sarge plays his cards right, maybe more “snuggling”. Shut up Crunchy. That’s what you get for reading your mother’s blog.

What’s your perfect day?


~ by sharplisa on February 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Snow Day!”

  1. Mmm. Afternoon naps are the best for snuggling. Love, love, love the nap.

  2. Ahhh sounds good to me. Of course, I would eat dinner at the dining room table if I could find the table–but that’s a whole other story! Just not having someone poke me awake would be nice–get your mind out of the gutter Lisa!!! Rauan wakes up at the butt crack of dawn–he’s the oddball in our family.

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