Crap! I need a blog topic!

Where’s the book when I need it? I didn’t mean that I was not going to blog any more after last Tuesday’s post and I certainly didn’t mean for it to be almost a week on radio silence. I have seven or eight readers to keep happy and that’s a VERY. BIG. DEAL.

I don’t want to say I’ve no thoughts because I’m full of them but most of those thoughts are real downers. I’ll be 40 in a month and a half and it is typical me to do a retrospective around the anniversary of my birth and to be pissed off. Pissed off is where I am. Really, it would be great to say things are looking up and the future’s rosy but the reality is that all my dreams are dead. Dire? Sure. But let’s take a look:

Job: Have to move because I can’t afford to stay. Even if I did stay, the state’s budget crisis threatens to undermine my job security anyway.

House: What do I really need to say? We’ll lose the Michigan house one way or another and quite likely never be in a position to own our own house again. Not to mention that the business of my dreams is still for sale and there is no viable way I’ll ever be able to purchase it. I know I could make it successful but I can’t make the purchase so what’s the difference? Do you know that I seriously did play the lottery for about three weeks hoping that the odds, while absolutely impossible, might swing in my favor. I literally pissed away a full $60.00 and didn’t win a dime.

Websites: The domain renewals are due for and I have decided not to renew the adoption website because another adoption will never happen. I’m not over reacting and I’m no longer kidding myself. At this point I’m leaning toward not renewing the hosting account and effectively ending’s run also.

Grumpy much? No, not really. I’m resigned and resigning. I’m a follower whether I like it or not so follow is what I will do. Hopefully the leader has a good map.


~ by sharplisa on March 10, 2008.

One Response to “Crap! I need a blog topic!”

  1. If your dreams are dead, make new ones. Maybe that’s the best you can do, at this point. All of it, I know, is unbelievably stressful, but to me, it sounds like it’s largely out of your hands. You’ve done the best you could. So set new goals. Smaller ones. More manageable ones. Staying resigned won’t make anything better.

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