New Plan!

I am mourning the loss of all my loyal readers since moving to WordPress.  It is very sad, but I like the templates better and am looking forward to my own hosted blogs in the near future.  Please come back!

I’m going to try something different with the old bloggy-goodness that I hope you’ll like.  Theme Days.  First up, I’m going to post daily – at least Monday through Friday.

Monday’s Theme:  Army Life

Tuesday:  Things that make me go hmmm…. (maybe this will be picture day!)

Wednesday:  Make it work.

Thursday:  I think I’ll jump on the “Love Thursday” bandwagon.

Friday:  Destination Organization.  Watch Fridays for before and after decluttering pictures, how I did it posts and polls.  This Friday coming up will be a “Keep or Toss” poll.  I hope you’ll stop by.

Weekend posts will be of the Weekend Philosophy genre.

If it’s on Keyboard Therapy, the goal is M-W-F and that’s going to be my rants and random thoughts about politics and current events.

Discover Indies will re-launch within the next two weeks – both the site and a blog.  I still believe in independent business so I need to give it just one more try.

ASFK is all kid stuff, all the time.


~ by sharplisa on March 23, 2008.

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