Most of the Time…

I am okay with different approaches to parenting, you know? Live and let live, but if your children are obnoxious then please keep them away from me. I work very hard to raise my kids to be self supporting, independent (even if they’re not quite there yet 😉 ) and employ a little tool I like to call “Common Sense” or CS for short.

One thing that would bring me immense joy is for CS to reach an epidemic level but alas I fear it is moving the other way. Something has me very pissed off today and I need to share. Hang tight and give me a hell yeah when I’m done, okay?

We watch our nephews a couple nights a week. They are three and a half and very, very shy and not at all independent. Sometimes I call them socially retarded because they don’t answer a direct question and give you the infamous “deer in headlights” look when you talk to them. They get along with the boys fine, but apparently Sarge and I are pretty scary. I mean they don’t answer questions like “Would you like a drink?” or “Do you need to use the potty?” I guess I think a three year old should manage these responses especially when they see the adults asking them two days a week. I digress…

We have always had animals and our boys have always known what the dogs are and are not allowed to do. Our boys also have a very healthy relationship with our animals and understand that our beasts trust them and expect the boys to treat them with tender loving care – and share the popcorn.

Our boys have taken to a movie night on Sunday with the twins. They play downstairs until dinner and after dinner they’ll put in a movie while playing some more. Bedtime snack is popcorn because it is easy and if they make a mess, my canine vacuum units take care of it. Well, Sunday night, my nephew had his popcorn and Champ was looking for him to share. Kid 1 didn’t want to share and his response to Champ’s polite inquiry was to hit him – and he admits that he hit Champ (the greatest dog ever) repeatedly and hard. So how did Champ respond? Champ bit him. Unfortunately, he broke the skin on the palm of his hand.

Being a mom with 20 years of experience as well as a former CNA, I have some knowledge of infection control and minor wound care, right? So I wash his hands (he can’t do this himself but I will not comment on that either) and treat the wound with Neosporin and a band-aid. This experience should be over. Maybe he needs the bandaid changed a few times and neosporin re-applied to prevent infection but I’m thinking that step did not occur after he returned to the care of his parents. So he develops some redness at the wound site and a red streak on his arm (could this have also come from his cat? or his own dog?). His parents’ first thought is Rabies. They call, not once but twice, asking if Champ is current on his shots. This pisses me off tremendously. Okay, I’m a broke bad dog owner, but he is scheduled for his next shots in April so he’s not current, but for a dog to get rabies, he needs to catch it from a rabid animal. He has no exposure to any animals other than my other damn dog and cat. Get serious. I don’t need this shit. I need a god-damned medal for biting my tongue when my nephew’s idiot mother asked me if I washed his hands before I put the band-aid on. I really wanted to say “No. I stuck it in the cat litter box thinking that, you know, litter would help the blood clot better. Was that a bad idea?”

Where’s my medal? Once I get that one I will command my prize for withholding comment on the fact that Kid 2’s name means a Sammurai who has dishonored his master and is now masterless. He’s adorable but I hope he never figures out what his name means. Every time I see him I think “Damn you’re cute, but your parents are morons.”


~ by sharplisa on March 25, 2008.

4 Responses to “Most of the Time…”

  1. Poor kid. Socially awkward, and with a name like that? Rough life ahead of this one.

  2. Lord, I have next to no patience with parents like that – and they’re family! Poor you!

  3. HAHA–I have family like that too. My response when Loki gets a little snippy is–“well what did you do to him?” There aren’t bad dogs, just bad kids. Of course I currently have a black cat running around my house with a big bald spot from a boy with sissors–but I digress. Sigh

  4. Oh JP… I’m so glad you’re still a reader 😉 Imagine next week when the poor kitty has two little boys with scissors wanting to give her a makeover! Whee! The fun quadruples!

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