Foot Sizes

I have become more conscious lately of the size of my footprint on the world. Rising costs, environmental decimation and just my adversion to waste in general have me spending a lot of time thinking about how I can really shift my habits toward less unhealthy for both me and the planet ones. The first thing I did was to start teaching the boys how to recycle. It is such an easy thing but we’re so bad at it. We’re getting better.

I am also working on ways to avoid disposable things. Now, mind you, if we ever adopted another child that needed diapers, I would not go so far as to use cloth but I am trying to reuse shopping bags and have an assortment of cloth bags that I use at some stores. My next project is to recycle some fabric (old curtains) and make some neat looking ones that I’d use anywhere.

I also knitted this:
Cup or Bottle Cozy
The concept of this is to reduce the amount of waste generated by those little cup sleeves you get when you buy coffee at a coffee shop. I think they also serve a purpose of identifying your bottle or glass readily and avoiding the sneaky steal of the bottle that sometimes happens in my house. Unfortunately, this one is a bit too small for its intended purpose. I guess I’ll have to go to B&N (Sigh, the sacrifices I make) and get a cup to measure so I can determine the proper size.

Trying to be a better world citizen works for me. Reuse and Recycle is a concept I can easily embrace. What about you?


~ by sharplisa on March 26, 2008.

4 Responses to “Foot Sizes”

  1. Western MA shoves recycling down your throat, to the point that it’s obnoxious. Your other ideas sound good, though. My mom I think is going to do the canvas shopping bag thing.

  2. Hi Lisa! I found you!

    My problem with the recycled plastic bags (they’re everywhere here -do they have them in the states?) is that we use the plastic grocery bags to put our garbage in. Our kitchen garbage and all the little waste baskets around the house. They’re the perfect size…so technically we’re recylcing them!

    What we DO use a lot is the green bin. I’ve taken to putting all sorts of stuff in them – did you know you could put tissue and paper towel in them?! It excites me. We bought biodegradable bags to put inside so that they don’t get all smelly and gross (although it’s still kind of smelly and gross).

    It’s a start at least…

  3. Ha ha… Tal! We have dogs. Guess what the plastic bags are used for? So I do agree that using the little suckers for trash or doggy-minesweeping counts as re-using them. What’s a green bin?

  4. DUDE! It’s a bin where you put all your vegetables, meat, egg shells, tissue paper etc. We get it picked up once a week with the recycling and garbage…it’s like a mini compost that the City takes away for us. Very cool.

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