I humbly bring you the first installment of Destination Organization.

First, I offer you the before pictures of our entertainment center area. Specifically, these photos are of the space where DVDs are shelved.
DVD Section Before

DVD Section Before

As you can see, the number of DVDs exceeds the available storage space to the point where DVDs are piled up on the floor making quite a mess. Messes drive me crazy. Did I mention that?

Now I would like to present the After photos. After I ordered these babies from Case Logic and put the DVDs in them. All of the grown up movies (rated PG-13 and up except for Harry Potter) are in one and all the kids movies are in the other. Each holds 96 discs so all of the DVDs in the house are now in one centralized location.

DVD Storage

Now the DVD shelves look like this:
DVDs After

Notice that now all the video games in the house are also in a central location. We moved the consoles to the living room to gain control over how much time people spend playing video games. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have curbed our addiction (Sarge’s especially 😉 ) one bit.

Note: The small stack of DVDs visibly out of place in the photo is going to be given away. It is no longer on the entertainment center.

The end result is that our entertainment center area looks like this:

EC After

How would you score that on the improvement scale? I do need to make sure the PS2 Controllers are moved to the empty basket on the bottom shelf, but I think it looks much better. Your thoughts?

Another of my ongoing missions is to take Alton Brown’s advice and “BANISH THE UNITASKERS!” from the kitchen and elsewhere. So I leave you with the first of my banish or cherish polls:

I purchased this punchbowl at a garage sale. It is clear glass and includes 12 cups plus a ladle. I have had it at least two years and have never used it. When we entertain, we usually go with soda, etc. rather than punch, see? And I think that if we did ever serve punch or sangria or some such, a large pitcher with more functions would be just as useful. I have even seen some quite elegant plastic pitchers that would be more durable for our travels. On the other hand, it is quite pretty and I harbor many fantasies of neat little gatherings where it might possibly be useful some day. It is equally likely the Army movers will manage to break it into a million pieces on one of our many upcoming moves.
Punch bowl

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~ by sharplisa on March 28, 2008.

3 Responses to “Progress!”

  1. I love your organizing.

  2. Take the poll Ian! Help me Obi Wan!

  3. I voted to banish it. You’re right – pretty, but not useful. Great job tackling the first offender of organization!

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