I Am A Slug

It has now been two months and two days since I worked for pay – any pay.  I mean, this mom gig is great but the pay?  The pay BLOWS.

And, unfortunately, while I adore my children (yes, even this one), I’ve nver been the kind of person who’s good at entertaining other people.  Even as a kid, I could amuse myself for hours with a book or some other diversion and I remember playing with my siblings, but it was always so much easier to just amuse myself and if someone else wished to participate in my amusement, so be it.  Fine.  I’m not antisocial – just quiet.

So I hate summer vacation.  Especially summer vacation where you have this large money eating activity in the middle of it.  Well, I guess the PCS isn’t really to blame.  I’d be like this regardless:  BORED.

Oh screw it!  I’m bored myself… no need to bore you.  Here:


~ by sharplisa on July 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “I Am A Slug”

  1. Um, thanks? LOL Lisa. I think I prefer the one of Sarge doing yoga…Now *that’s* entertaining! :p

  2. HAHAHA–nice shot!
    I’m the exact same way. I would rather just sit next to someone then try to entertain. Or go someplace–because I can only do so much conversation. School starts soon!

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