So Much To Write About…

So little time.  I’ve honestly resisted the urge to post for the past week or so because it wouldn’t have been pretty.  My frustration with academia on every level knows no bounds.  From the elementary school with the ridiculous supply lists (96 pencils, four boxes of crayons…you get the idea) to Her Majesty’s travails with her University.  Yes, I wrote to the Chancellor.  Yes, I bitched.  No it didn’t do any good.  It didn’t even make me feel better.  But we’re getting a handle on it and that’s something.  Factor in my own impending academic adventures – familiar with “Publish or Perish”? – and I’ve been a real bitch.  No, that’s not new, but thanks for being quiet about it.

So my classes started last week and I couldn’t get registered until the day before because I needed instructor signatures – which is bullshit.  Set up a control in your registration system that says “this student is in this program and can register for this course”.  Make that money you spent on SAP or Oracle or whatever pay off.  Don’t stick to the old ways and make it complicated.  Registering the boys for school was also, pardon my english, a cluster fuck.  Long lines, long waits and ludicrous policies.  “Honey, when I’ve had three MD’s look at that record and say their shots are current, I’m not listening to an RN say they’re not.  Especially when the last MD to review the record did so  two days ago.”  And don’t make me wait an hour for your ass while you enjoy using your positional authority to irritate the hell out of me.  Why can’t you register your kids online?  Develop a portal straight into the computer system.  Wouldn’t it be easier than having me fill out forms and you read my handwriting to hand-key information in the computer system?  You’re welcome.  That will be a $500K consulting fee.  It’s still a bargain.


  • If your computer system can’t keep up with the demand for basic functions like generating schedules, you need to update either the systems or the operators.  Getting schedules done six days later than promised is exceptionally poor service.  You look incompetent and probably are.
  • When I ask for a school psychologist, don’t send me to special education.  I know the difference.  If you don’t, you’re in the wrong profession.
  • If you don’t answer e-mails sent to a general address, get rid of it.  ALL e-mails should be responded to in 24 hours or less regardless of the address they’re sent to.  Many of the Queens and mine have been eaten in cyberspace this week.  This is not acceptable.
  • In a nutshell, PROVIDE THE LEVEL OF CUSTOMER SERVICE YOU EXPECT TO RECEIVE.  And in education, your customers are students, parents, staff and the community.  Yes, you have to make everyone happy.

With school cranking up and the pressure to start research already, I’m going to try to blog three days a week:  Tuesday, Thursday and probably Sunday.  Wish me luck.


~ by sharplisa on August 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “So Much To Write About…”

  1. Doesn’t it get worse the higher up you go? I think colleges are way harder to deal with than high school ever was. It’s ridic, I feel for you. Hope things look brighter soon.

  2. Ha–you should have seen the crap going on here with the high schools and their supposedly “easier” computer registration. Edcuational incompotence at its best!

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