Good Morning!



I’ve been meaning to snap a picture for awhile now and just haven’t done it.  This is our view of the sunrise here in El Paso.  The colors are always so beautiful.  I needed the sense of calm this morning so I’m happy the camera was close by.  We face west so our back door gives me the morning sun which I love.  One of these days I will have worked up to taking my coffee and my laptop out on the patio and really enjoying the day.

The first day of school was pretty uneventful from the children’s perspective.  The Khan was very excited and extremely exhausted when he got home.  His adjustment phase is going to be rough.    For the older two, it’s just back to business as usual except for a scheduling mishap that I won’t mention here beyond one quick HOW THE FUCK DO YOU CONFUSE CHOIR WITH ART?  I asked for ART not Choir.  And now I fear it will be a pain in the ass to un-do.  Also, the senator is taking up the violin.  My ears hurt already.

But they clean up good!

First Day of School


~ by sharplisa on August 26, 2008.

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  1. Nice picture!

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