Reason #2

I promised this reason would be about the money.  I’d like to start by saying the amount of money people spend trying to buy a candidate and the amount of money those candidates then spend buying an election is preposterous to me.  The idea that anyone could feel political contributions are the best use of his or her fiscal resources is preposterous

If you’re interested in voting for me, I encourage you to give any funds you’d be willing to donate towards something a whole lot more likely to benefit the greater good.  I’d suggest medical research, research devoted to developing viable alternative energy sources and, of course, organizations designed to make the world better by improving access to health care and education – both of which have been determined to lower violence and improve society as a whole.  If you want me to be President, give someone else a hand up, don’t give me a hand out.  Donate your money elsewhere and tell everyone you’re voting for me.  Then tell them why. 

As an aside, if anyone knows how I could participate in something like this, please leave a comment and let me know.


~ by sharplisa on November 2, 2008.

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