Reason #8

This national blog post month is getting old.  I’m tired of this blogging already!  Why do I do this to myself.  I want to apologize for yesterday’s post, by the way.  It was just one of the many very long days I’ve had lately and I vented my frustrations on the blog before drowning them in pizza and cabernet.  Yummy…yummy… pizza…. (You’ll never guess who’s back on South Beach, right?)

Anyway, reason number 8 that I should be president is because I think that healthcare reform is essential to our long-term national prosperity.  Everyone should have equal access to and funding for healthcare.  I don’t know whether it is possible to create a working universal healthcare system similar to other countries in the world, but I promise to put the best minds I can find on the task of developing something that somehow levels the playing field for everyone and guarantees each and every American Citizen the health care they need.  I’ll start with JP.  She already works too hard but she’s definitely up to the task of finding the rest of the brain trust to hammer it out.


~ by sharplisa on November 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Reason #8”

  1. Ok–let’s start with preventive care. Our current system is totally a teritary system–meaning dealing with it after it’s a problem. Complete BS. Let’s prevent it. Education folks. Providing birth control and then prenatal care. Healthy babies and healthy kids. As far as our babies and children are concerned –for a developed nation we are in the toliet. And swirling down the drain. Let’s get our next generation taken care of–and if that mean health insurance or whatever–let’s do it. How to pay for you ask?? Well, the adults are so darn busy polluting their lungs and guts–tax those items. Yes, smokes and booze. I like booze as much as the next person–but I’ll pay extra taxes on it to help the babies. Hey–and maybe those taxes will cut down on some of our adults filling up the hospital beds! So, what do you think?? Did I just solve a national crisis? And to think–“just a nurse” managed to resolve a issue that all those fancy legislator can’t seem to understand. Of course, they all have health insurance and aren’t in the trenches with us “normal” people.

  2. Please hire Dr. Snow as a consultant would ya? I love his common sense!

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