Curses! Foiled Again!

So my fall off the NaBloPoMo wagon in Denmark was not intentional.  Apparently the lack of reliable wireless is a barrier to to blogging while traveling in Europe.  I didn’t really have consistency until Tuesday when I wisely took my laptop to the conference.  Blogging during the conference seemed to be bad form (but I can assure you that Facebooking was not;)).  I wish I could say the trip went well, my host was certainly gracious and the country is lovely.  I came away from the conference with a few ideas for research in the area of alternative energy.  We’ll see how that all goes.  A couple of other super fun things happened in Denmark too.

1.  I apparently picked up a nasty virus or a lovely case of food poisoning.  I’ve been sick since Wednesday.  If I can keep it down, it just keeps on going right through.  It’s so wonderful.

2.  The monster has returned.  The best part is the retinal specialty that accepts our insurance is in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  My insurance will and is paying to fly me there but what a pain in the ass!  Kudos to the dudes who pulled off travel orders in an hour after I pitched a fit about the safety of driving four hours plus with vision issues and driving back after a four hour dialated retinal exam.  Yeah, I’m pretty worried.  Every time the monster returns, permanent damage is done.  How much permanent damage can I take before I lose the ability to do all the stuff I like doing like, you know, seeing?  It’s fabulous.  I’m looking for some positive things here but it gets harder all the time.

So I still want to be President and I have way more than 30 reasons but due to missing a week of blogging for the Denmark trip and three more days for the New Mexico trip, I’m probably not going to get them all listed.  Sorry.

Yell at me in the comments if you want.  Maybe I’ll tell you about my other insanity problem later.




~ by sharplisa on November 22, 2008.

One Response to “Curses! Foiled Again!”

  1. Gah. Poor you! We’ll expect more details on the trip and their explanations! Best…

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